We are always delighted to hear from our customers when they've taken delivery of a new mixer or fleet of mixers. This section of a letter came from a group of Liverpool owner/drivers...

manufacturing workshop

"Each finished product was excellent - completed to an exceptionally high standard, by far prevailing your competitors. The paint job and finish were exceptionally outstanding - each wagon is very attractive to the eye. We would appreciate it greatly if you would say a big thank you to all of the fitters and the team who were involved in the making of the three Volvos and one DAF ready for the road. Each extra that was discussed and agreed upon was also delivered to an incomparable quality and finish.

We would also like to thank you once again for a pleasurable day around your factory - it was of great interest and gave us all some new ideas. You have secured the business of four very happy Scousers who will promote McPhee Mixers all day long."

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